“Actually, Oregon grape has very interesting health properties. For one thing it contains berberine which inhibits PAK1. Its sort of…. berberine is to Oregon grape what CAPE is to propolis. You’ll see Oregon Grape or Oregon Grape root in a number of supplements for inflammation as it is also a cox2 inhibitor. Berberine normalizes skin […]

“Effective neurofibromatosis therapeutics blocking the oncogenic kinase PAK1. Maruta H. Source NF/TSC Cure Org., Melbourne, Australia. Abstract Neurofibromatosis (NF) is a family of genetic diseases which are caused by dysfunction of either NF1 gene or NF2 gene. One in 3,000 people suffer from this tumor-carrying NF. NF1 gene product is a RAS GTPase activating protein […]

Dysfunction of the spleen in transportation and transformation due to depression of the liver-qi and disorder of functional activity of qi is bound to give rise to retention of phlegm and fluid, and causes “qi tumor”. Therefore, therapeutic principles of smoothing the liver and promoting blood flow, and resolving phlegm and promoting the production of body […]

There might be similar causes for giftedness, autism, adult neurological disease, and trauma.  I’m starting to think some genetically/epigenetically sensitive people are more prone to trauma from “everyday” life events, such as birth interventions, family stress, and life stress. Moreover, sensitive people tend to have more difficulties in life, which can then be traumatic and […]

Just came across this great book that could be helpful to gifted employees who feel they know what their boss needs to be doing but don’t have the authority to suggest it directly. Influencing Up Here are tips from David Bradford, the author: