Conquering the problem of being gifted

For all it’s worth, I am accepting that being gifted is a problem I want to conquer. Not to make myself less gifted, but rather, being NNT is something I want to figure out, the way I have figured out other things.

It is weird to realize I will not see the world from other eyes, so no matter what I do, I will probably have a hard time seeing this problem any other way. It is simply yet another intellectual challenge I want to conquer.

Again, giftedness is NOT simply that people have more abilities. It’s that they have distinct preferences for how to use their minds that are sometimes at odds with how the world is designed.

So if this is the problem – I have preferences for using my mind in ways that are unusual. I often even forget to use my mind the way I like to, because other people don’t suggest it or they give me negative feedback for it.

This blog is not just about fitting in at work and using your mind in uncomfortable ways; it is also about really jamming out on how your brain does work and what feels good to you…

There is some real enjoyment and bliss and satisfaction in operating the way you were “designed” to operate. It’s like the body/brain has a mind of its own and just wants to be a particular way.

So the problem is, how to feel good, satisfied, and at home, while still making a living and staying out of mental hospitals and getting what you need from the world (maybe a partner, stability, etc.)

Artists might deal with similar issues (similarly genetically sensitive? heavy metals? methylation? sensitivity?) – there is probably more in common with being an artist and being gifted than we think!!


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