The biggest dilemma of being gifted

One of the biggest dilemmas we face is whether to do what we know is effective or what feels good/natural/makes sense to us.

Effective, neurotypical, understandable, fits in, gets results, OR

Natural, good, flows, seems to meet the goals we see them. Might be highly intense, sensitive, picky, etc., yet might sabotage us around most people.

We get into a bind.

Typically we think we should do #1 but we end up cracking and sometimes doing #2.

We need a #3. Recognize we work differently and we might never be able to do #1 the way people recommend (like, oh, just somehow pick up this brain skill you lack. you’d never say that to learning disabled or autistic people! no wonder we suck at it)

Basically look for some translation of #2 (what we like) into #1.

Like a translation service, so we can still speak in a preferred language but still be understood.

Music can be a bridge between the two, because it can serve as a bridge between the types of thinking we enjoy and those we need to work on. In general, NNTs who do a lot with music seem to do better in the world, in my experience. Here is an article on how music can help those who are “Gifted and Disabled”

Here is Maja (a singer) talking on WrongPlanet about communicating with neurotypicals with this same translation analogy. She says it goes both ways (NNTs benefit from learning to communicate with NTs, and vice versa).


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