Why no #GiftedPride?

Is it unacceptable to identify as gifted?

This is yet another terrible side effect of the misconception that gifted means better/easier/human computer.

It seems arrogant to say you have a very high IQ.

Mensa seems kind of self-congratulatory.

Come on, now that we know more about autism we should be able to say, this is not a purely positive thing, please give people a break for self-identifying as this.

Yet I don’t think people should necessarily have to identify as something negative to get help and accommodations at work for it.

Should you have to say you are ADD or Aspie to get help at work? Why should it be easier for people like that to get ADA-approved work accommodations, while gifted people simply have poor career satisfaction?

Whatever it is, good or bad, it’s a systematic difference, and as such we would do well to learn how to best accommodate and work with people like this, the same as we learn to work with narcissists, micromanagers, minorities, disabled people, LGBT people,  or anyone else.


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