I realized too many of my gifted friends were hitting a wall when entering the “real world.” Many of us develop fatigue, health problems, or under-achievement. I have read for years that gifted people tend to have problems with actual real-world coping and achievement, but now I that I am in a first job out of college I am seeing it firsthand.

What is going on?

This blog is an attempt to decipher why gifted people struggle so much and what to do about it.

It’s not a simple answer. Gifted people tend to be different in many ways. Non-neurotypical, Aspeger’s, autism spectrum, highly sensitive, sensory processing disorder, etc. We can have extreme senses of justice or ethics that make it hard for us to go along with what everyone else tolerates.

Too often we feel stuck with the ultimatum to do what works or to do what feels right to us. It’s a sorry trap to be in, since we can’t be fully effective either way. Doing what’s effective and getting results doesn’t feel good if we have to do it in ways that are profoundly uncomfortable. And doing what makes sense to us and feels good from a gifted perspective often doesn’t work in the real world. It’s a double bind that seems to lead many gifted people to become ill and disabled from a career perspective.



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